Legends of Vinyl DJs & Artists Hall of Fame 2019

An awards ceremony that gives honor to: recording artists, producers and more.

On September 17, 2019, in Bronx, NY the Legends of Vinyl DJs & Artists Hall of Fame was held. An international institution, that provides global leadership in education, recognition, and celebration of excellence.
The late David Mancuso originally started “The Legends of Vinyl”. He compiled the list of recipients from record pools from 99 Prince Street, Scepter Records, and Disco Gold Volumes 1 and 2. From there it expanding to where it is today and continued to grow.
Awarding the industries best DJ, Recording Artists, Record Producers, Record Promotion Personnel, Record Executives, Lighting and Sound Technicians, Songwriters, Publishers, Publicists, Radio Personalities, Historians, and other associated noteworthy individuals.
The organization has be presented Awards to members of the DJ/Artists Hall of Fame for their contributions to the music industry and culture. Artists Honorees was Alisha, Anita Ward, Cherrill Rae Yates (The Raes), Susan Maria Gonzalez original member of Company B, France Joli, Ivery Bell and Billy Jones (Moment Of Truth), Joe Bataan, Joel Diamond, Lottie Dah participant members of Musique 2 (Carole Sylvan, Kim Miller, Mary Seymour), The Ritchie Family (Cassandra Wooten, Cheryl Mason-Dorman, Renee Guillory-Wearing), Producer, Publisher, Recording Artist and Personal Manager Joel Diamond.
Industry and DJ Honorees as of this date are Barry Harris, Bobby Morales, Charlie Anzalone, Darryl Payne, Dwayne Holt, Jorge Wheeler, Gary Baxter, Tony Moran, Michael Weiss, Steve Bogen. Author James Arena (First Ladies of Disco) will be presented with the Legacy Award. Also, the organization is proud to present the 2019 Icon Of The Year Award to Nicky Siano.
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